Light Yourself on Fire

People have described passion as consuming, as if it was a fire that can rage in someone, an emotion that can't be denied.  Lately, I have been waiting for my passion to ignite, to consume me, and to lead me to great places.  I have been completely missing the point.

This week, Jeff Goins challenged me (and you) to write "Three Things."  He was inspired by a visual poem by Sarah Kay.  As I thought about my answer, and I listened to others, I learned some things.  (If you want to see my response, and some other inspiring ones, search #threethings on Twitter.)

Passions are pursued.  I am not going to wake up one day with a burning desire to get something done.  I have to chase it down, sometimes relentlessly.

Passions are consuming.  Committing myself to my passion is an all-in sort of deal.  There will be times that I will get lost in it.  That's okay, that's called living fully awake.

Passions are irrational.  I don't have any special knowledge about my passion, and it certainly won't be worth a lot of money or bring me fame.  I don't need justification, I just need to do it.

Several years ago, I wrote a personal mission after reading the Seven Habits of Highly Effective People by Steven Covey.  The mission reads like a to do list:  explore every gift and talent, begin each day with gratitude, give it my best effort ... yawn.  This mission does not evoke emotion in me.  After reading it, I am not called to action, renewed in my passion, or pounding my fist on the table.  If I put this mission on my office wall, I imagine that people would say, "wow, those are neat things that you are doing."  They would not ask for the sign-up sheet.  Heck, I'm not asking for it, either!

So, I am going to write a new mission statement.  I am going to take a match and light myself on fire and let it rage.  My mission will bring me to tears, and call me to action.  In fact, I'm going to use an emotional word for my mission:  Manifesto.

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I encourage you to join me.  Use this as your match.  Light yourself on fire.  Pursue your passion with all your heart.  

If you would like inspiration, check out Stepcase Lifehack's "10 Insanely Awesome Inspirational Manifestos."  If you need motivation, read Revelation 3:15 - 16.  

Please share with me, I'd love to read your manifesto!  

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